Balin Forever Festival (BFF) 2023

Balin’s 18th is coming up so that means Balin’s Forever Festival tickets are now on sale!! See you all there at Venue 114 on the 9th September!!

Balin’s Memorial Chair Petition

We need your help! Michael & Kerri-Lyn are applying to council to have a small sandstone structure with a memorial plaque to be placed in front of his memorial chair Beach access 215.

Walk for Balin

Last year, Balin Stewart was fatally stabbed outside his home in Buddina… On the anniversary of his death, Friday January 20, remember Balin by joining the ‘Walk for Balin’.

Balin’s Tree Planting

Balin’s tree planting ceremony is on Saturday the 14th of May at 1pm. It will be help at La Balsa in the clearing at the bottom of the hill.