The #BinTheBladeForBalin movement

The #BinTheBladeForBalin movement’s primary goal is to persuade anyone who owns a knife to “bin it”. If a knife is not present during an altercation, it cannot cause any harm.

Further to that aim, is the goal to educate and forewarn youths about the dangers and consequences that a simple act of violence can have. As well as the pain experienced by the victim’s family, most young people don’t realise the ripple effect that a spur-of-the-moment decision can have on their own family, friends and their future.

About Balin

Born on 08/09/2005, Balin’s middle name Vogn (pronounced Vaughan) is the initials of his grandparents Velia, Olwyn, Graham and Neville. Balin’s dad Michael has Indian ancestry. In Hindi Balin means “soldier” and in Indian “Mighty Warrior”. Mick is also an avid surfer so the surf brand Balin also had an influence.

Balin was loved across the whole Sunshine Coast and surronds. His fun-loving, free-willed and bright spirit was sure to make everyone smile. From surfing and wakeboarding to acrobatics, Balin gave everything a go.

Mick and Kez want to say a massive thank-you to all those who have supported them in the wake of Balin’s passing.

Education & Awareness

The Balin Stewart Foundation has a three-pronged approach to achieve its primary purpose which is harm prevention of injury and death due to incidents involving “edged weapons” such as knives. This includes; Education, Awareness and Events.