Balin’s presence was a beacon of light that touched hearts far and wide across the Sunshine Coast. His vibrant and carefree nature never failed to bring joy to those around him. Whether he was riding the waves or trying his hand at acrobatics, Balin approached life with an adventurous spirit that inspired everyone he met.

In the wake of Balin’s passing, Michael and Kerri-Lyn are overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received. They extend their deepest appreciation to all who have stood by them during this difficult time, offering comfort and solace.


Balin you were the most kind, loving, and warm hearted person that I have ever met. 12 years is a long time to know someone, thank you for being an amazing part of my life and a beautiful friend. The memories I made with you will last a lifetime and I can still hear your contagious laugh on repeat in the back of my head. Rest in paradise and I know you’ll always be watching over us. I love you so much Balin.


I always thought Balin would be one of my forever friends. He was one of a kind and irreplaceable and it truly breaks my heart to think I won’t ever see his smile in the morning on the way to school. I loved how kind, loving and hilarious he was. He never failed to put a smile on my face. He was always there for me and forever making me feel good about myself. Life will never be the same without him and he will forever have a place in my heart.


Though our connection wasn’t bound by blood, you were my brother in every sense of the word. You were the one I turned to for that special brand of “brotherly” advice. Losing you has left a void that words cannot express. The essence of who I am is lost without you. I will carry your memory with me always, and your spirit will live on in my heart forever.


Balin was like a brother to his mates. He looked after everyone of us like family members and never did wrong by anyone. From the time I’ve known Balin he was always carying a huge smile on his face and made sure every moment he was with anyone or out and about he would make everyone laugh and feel valued no matter what. Balin would treat everyone like he had known them for years no matter how much he knew you. He was valued by everyone and we all love him so much, He will forever be with us in our hearts.


Balin I love you so much, you changed my life. You were one of the first friends that I have met in the real world outside of school, and the adventures we went on, and the memories we made, are some that I will treasure and never forget. Your personality was gold, seriously like no other. I’m heartbroken to know we won’t travel the world together and see all the world’s secrets like we planned. I can’t process that you won’t have your first drink at a bar, get your licence, and do so much more. You had the world in front of you mate, you would’ve smashed it. I wish I could have one more moment tell you how much I love you. You were a beautiful soul, every moment with you was a blast. I hope you’re in a peaceful place. We all love you so much. You will be missed and always in our hearts.


To my non-related brother, I met you quite a few years ago now and we clicked. I knew then you were going to be my best friend. Whenever someone meets you you’re vibe just makes them smile, your personality uplifted everyone’s day, and your laugh made me laugh even when I was crying. You have been there for me since day one. There was never a moment you couldn’t bring a smile to my face in all the years of knowing you. Your house was the place everyone went to if they wanted to hang out. I loved being at your place with you and your family, they always made me feel welcome and calm. Your parents were my parents and they will be forever. I promise to take care of them and guard them with my life. I will never make them feel lonely and I promise I will still go over for dinner with them. I hope you’re resting easy up there. I know you’re looking over us, we miss you more than you can imagine. Fly high my boy, you are forever in our hearts.


Balin was the most beautiful person alive. He has so much love for the world. No matter what happened, he was someone everyone could rely on. Everyone loved him with their whole heart. To have been able to experience my first love with him was something that will never be forgotten. He was someone you couldn’t get sick of. He always had something witty to say. The best friend you could ask for, someone you could call at any time and would drop everything to help you in any way he could. Just being in the same room with him would immediately lift everyone’s mood and have everyone laughing as hard as they could. Everyone always had the biggest smile plastered across their face when he was around. He was the most accepting person you could meet. My favourite thing about him was that I could be completely myself around him – there was never an ounce of judgment.


Balin is the definition of good, pure, genuine, and comfort. He was the best friend you needed. He cared about everyone of his friends and how they were. Balin and his family are the most warm welcoming, supporting and easy going people you will ever meet. He always had crazy adventurous ideas which came out to be the best memories I’ve ever had with him, and just being with him was truly peaceful. He will forever be loved and never forgotten, thinking that he is watching over me and everyone that loves him is so comforting. He truly was my best friend down the street. Forever young and forever loved Balin.

Calean Q

Balin, the smiles and laughter you have brought to everyone’s life will never be forgotten. With you there was never a dull moment, you were always the life of the party and everyone’s favourite person. We would not be the people we are today without the love you showed all of us and the love we have for you. The three years knew you felt like a lifetime of laughter and good memories. You were our second home, you made us all feel so safe, you are our family. You will always be in everyone’s hearts and we promise to keep your spirit alive.


I’m so sorry this has happened. I wish I could have done more. I’m at a loss of words. Nothing I say will ever describe how I’m feeling. I can’t believe you’re gone at such a young age, but you really did live your life to the fullest. You were the craziest, weirdest, loving, kind and caring kid ever who was beyond grateful for everyone you had around you. I’m glad that I have made the best memories of my life with you. You will forever be in my heart. I love you so much, you will never be forgotten. Fly high my boy. Love you always.

Harry C

Balin we first bonded over our 5 day holiday with Jax in Bundaberg and ever since then I have called you one of my top mates. When you were around, you warmed hearts, you were charismatic and hilarious. We would rock up to your place when we were bored. To the groovy kid who gave the best hugs. Because of you I’ve made many friends. I only knew you for a year but the memories we shared I will never forget. One of my best memories is of us when we would sing to our favourite songs. I have much love for you baby Balin.


Balin you were one of the most optimistic and effortlessly hilarious people I ever met. Your life was so special and you made the absolute most of it. Every moment I spent with you was a new adventure. Your ability to be friends with absolutely everyone always amazed me. You could take a joke like no one I knew, truly one of a kind. Rest easy brother.

Noah M

You were the best friend someone could ask for, one of my closest mates being the first person to Buddina in Grade 3. Always the kindest soul and looking out for everyone. Never forget you the one swag dog. Love you and all your family always. Kez was like a second mum to me.


My amazing friend Balin, thank you for all your friendship. I will forever miss you. Love you xxx


Balin every time with you was a good time. You have always had my back since I met you. This tragedy will forever change me for the good and bad. You will always be forever young. I will forever love you.

Tamhas & Darby

Balin, it’s been an absolute pleasure growing up with you brother. We miss you like crazy and wish we could get to hang out one last time. Love you my man.

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